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ברך השם אבבא יהוה

ברך השם אבבא יהוה

The truly passionate vision & mission of 'SYCAMORE TREEBRANCH EVANGELISM MINISTRIES' [S.T.E.M.], first & foremost, is to truly & sincerely Love, Glorify, Honor, Worship, Praise, Adore & Bless ABBA YAHAWAH ELOHAYNU ... our King. Our Creator who is Magnificent, Majestic & Almighty. HE is Wonderful, Excellent, Benevolent, Marvelous, Merciful, Just, Kind, Righteous, Loving & our Everlasting Heavenly ABBA. To worship HIM with everything that we are (heart, soul, strength & mind) because HE is our Great King. The KING of Kings. The only Wise King. To Bless, Glorify & Magnify the wonderful Name of YAHAWASHAH HaMASHIACH with our all, all that we have (talents/gifts, lives, substance, etc.) & for all our days because HE is Good. To obey HIS will for our lives and preach HIS Good News & HIS Glorious Kingdom as well as share His Love and shine His light to the world around us through ... while proclaiming the Truth of His Word.

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The M.A.I.N. Initiative




1 TIMOTHY 6:3-5

Howbeit when he, HaRUACH Emets (the Spirit of Truth), is come, he will guide you into all emets (truth): for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

... John 16 vs 13

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