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The 1st True Church ... The WAY!!!

Updated: Mar 25

The true church or called out Assembly is called 'The Way' (The Way of YAHAWAH)

When our MASHIACH (Messiah or Christ) was on this earth, in physical form, He called out men to follow Him as His Talmidiym (Disciples) ... specifically the 12 Apostles ... and He revealed, to the 12, immensely immeasurable and unfathomable mysteries. He revealed to them the true Name of ABBA YAHAWAH and ABBA's Love for mankind. He taught and lived out the Torah for them to see and understand, far beyond the surface meanings and Teachings (consider the PARDES) which they were used to from traditional Torah observance, that there was a better way to live. MASHIACH provided them His life example in order for them to learn to live according to the Way of YAHAWAH.

MASHIACH then sent out the 12 with a charge to proclaim and teach the Way of YAHAWAH to all Jews 1st, then to the Gentiles and so as many as truly believed and would follow the Way of YAHAWAH, salvation was given onto everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

All who met MASHIACH, and all who came to Him with questions about everlasting life or about the Kingdom of Heaven, MASHIACH presented the Way to YAHAWAH to them by teaching about the Way of YAHAWAH. MASHIACH preached "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" (Matthew 4 vs 17), He then said later on, " ... the Kingdom of ELOHIYM is in your midst" (Luke 17 vs 21) when responding to a question about the Kingdom of ELOHIYM from a Pharisee. MASHIACH always pointed out the way to ABBA YAHAWAH to everyone He met.

In the Besorah (Gospel), narrated by John, the declaration by MASHIACH about the path to YAHAWAH was made plain:

YAHAWAHSHAH said unto him ... I AM The WAY, The TRUTH and The LIFE: no man comes unto ABBA but by me ... John 14 vs 6

When MASHIACH left this earth, He had established His Kingdom and had sent forth His Talmidiym with His Besorah as the foundation for His Church with the 12 as its pillars. As is mentioned in the scriptures, many of the 1st church gatherings started in homes (like house fellowships of these days) and various letters from Apostle Paul confirm this. These early churches, possibly, could have derived the house church fellowship format from the upper room gathering example of the Apostles ... most especially after the divine encounter with RUACH HaQodesh (HOLY SPIRIT) during Shavuot or Feast of Weeks aka the Pentecost experience.

And so the structure of the 1st century church existing in and sprouting from various homes was the original model with RUACH HaQodesh as the only guide to the Way of YAHAWAH after MASHIACH ascended.

The Way of YAHAWAH ... MASHIACH's Church

The 1st followers of MASHIACH were called Mashiachiym (MASHIACH followers) or HaNatsariym (The Branches/The Consecrated) and they were identified as being followers of the Way of YAHAWAH or The Way. They were even called members of the Sect called "The Way". They were converted Jews who believed in MASHIACH. They were persecuted by the Synagogues and Saul, who later became Apostle Paul, was at the forefront of carrying out these persecutions in blind belief that he was obeying Torah.

The following scriptures, below, clearly spell out the name of the 1st Church established by MASHIACH:

Saul on his persecution mission to end the belief in the Way of YAHAWAH...

And desired of him cepheriym (documents/books) to Damascus to the synagogues, that if he found any of this Way, whether they were men or women, he might bring them bound unto Yerushalayim (Acts 9 vs 2)

Apollos in Ephesus learns more about the Way of YAHAWAH ...

This man was instructed in the Way of YAHAWAH; and being fervent in the ruach, he spoke and taught diligently the things of YAHAWAHSHAH, knowing only the immersion of Yahuchanon (John). And he began to speak boldly in the synagogue: whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, they took him unto them, and expounded unto him the Way of YAHAWAH more perfectly (Acts 18 vs 25 - 26)

Paul in Ephesus encounters non believers in the WAY of YAHAWAH ...

But when diverse were hardened, and believed not, but spoke evil of the Way of YAHAWAH before the multitude, he departed from them, and separated the Talmidiym, disputing daily in the school of one Tyrannus.

Acknowledgement of the existence of the called out Assembly/church who claim to follow the WAY of YAHAWAH ...

And the same time there arose no small stir about the Way of YAHAWAH. (... that Way) (Acts 19 vs 9 & 23)

Paul on trial for proclaiming and teaching about the Way of YAHAWAH ...

But this I confess unto you, that after the Way, which they call heresy, so worship I YAHAWAH of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the Torah and in the prophets: (Acts 24 vs 14)

There are actually quite a few scriptures from the TANAKH (Torah, Neviym, Kethuviym) commonly known as the Old Testament, that proclaim to mankind, very early, the existence of ABBA YAHAWAH and His Way of/to Life. These scriptures, at various times and in diverse ways, declare ABBA YAHAWAH's continued calling of all mankind to be His people and to follow the Way of YAHAWAH. These scriptures, that proclaim the WAY of YAHAWAH, exist in the TANAKH, in the Besorah and also in other areas of the Brit HaDashah (New Covenant) as well. The scriptures in question can be found in books such as:


Judges 2 vs 22

2 Kings 21 vs 22

Proverbs 10 vs 29

Isaiah 40 vs 3

Jeremiah 5 vs 4 & 5

Besorah ...

Matthew 3 vs 3

Mark 1 vs 3

Luke 3 vs 4

John 1 vs 23

Also the Way of ELOHIM ...

Matthew 22 vs 16

Mark 12 vs 14

Luke 20 vs 21

And Way of YAHAWAHSHAH ...

Acts 16 vs 17

False Doctrines, Religious Lies and the Counterfeit Church

The path leading away from the foundations of the true church, corrupting the called out Assembly, began many many many years ago while in the Garden. MASHIACH came and restored the path but the erosion & corruption of the enemy was not far. Even while the Apostles were in action, false doctrines had already started to creep in according to Apostle John and Apostle Paul.

A major culprit in this and the largest contributor to the rise of these false teachings is the Catholic Church. The Catholic church is 100% carnal in every way, shape and form. There is nothing at all righteously spiritual about the Catholic Church ... not one thing. Its spirituality is completely demonic. Regarding its relationship to MASHIACH or YAHAWAH and His Way, the Catholic Church has no association nor does it have a relationship with the Way of YAHAWAH.

Many have been blinded and led astray from the true path to our Heavenly ABBA and the way to His Truth. Many just take the broad path and are just following the mass majority while very very few are finding the strait & narrow path. Sadly even fewer are faithfully staying on the strait & narrow path. In light of this the state of affairs of the "Christian Church" today has truly gone full force down the lukewarm slumber focused path of the Laodicean church.

Now the following quote has been misunderstood, misinterpreted, misused and intentionally abused by the Catholic Church:

“And I say also unto you, that you are Kepha, and upon this Rock I will rebuild my called out assembly; and the gates of She'ol shall not prevail against it. MATTHEW16:18 KJV.”

The Qodeshiym (Church or called out Assembly) of YAHAWAHSHAH, the Way of YAHAWAH, was not built on Peter, as the Catholic Church would have everyone believe, but upon the revelation given to Peter in Matthew 16 vs 16 by RUACH HaQodesh (The HOLY SPIRIT). So due to YAHAWAHSHAH HaMASHIACH's initial question in Matthew 16 vs 13 which was repeated in Matthew 16 vs 15, following Peter's ruach-led answer, YAHAWAHSHAH HaMASHIACH then made His declaration in Matthew 16 verses 17 & 18 about building His church on the solid foundation of belief in that revelation of Him, YAHAWAHSHAH as MASHIACH and Yachid of ELOHIYM. MASHIACH did not suggest building anything on Peter. MASCHIACH is the Rock.

In fact, Yes! Peter was indeed an Apostle of MASHIACH, but ... he was a deeply flawed human, just as we all are. Some of his notable flaws are demonstrated in these scriptures below:


Matthew 16 vs 23 ... Rebuked by MASHIACH

Matthew 17 vs 4 ... Carnal mindset/impulsive utterance at MASHIACH's Transfiguration

Matthew 26 vs 36 - 46 ... Asleep in Gethsemane (verses 40, 41 & 43)

Matthew 26 vs 70, 72 & 74 ... Denied YAHAWAHSHAH 3 times


Mark 8 vs 33 ... Rebuked by MASHIACH

Mark 14 vs 68, 70 & 71 ... Denied YAHAWAHSHAH 3 times


Luke 5 vs 8 ... Declares himself a sinful man to YAHAWAHSHAH

Luke 22 vs 31 ... Prey of satan but protected by MASHIACH's prayer

Luke 22 vs 57, 58 & 60 ... Denied YAHAWAHSHAH 3 times


John 13 vs 6 ... impulsive utterance at the feet washing event of MASHIACH

John 18 vs 10 - 11 ... Cuts off ear of high priest's servant (violent)

John 18 vs 17, 25  27 ... Denied YAHAWAHSHAH 3 times

John 21 vs 15 - 17 ... Reminded 3 times to feed the flock (paraphrased)


Galatians 2 vs 21 ... Rebuked by Paul long after Acts 2 (act of hypocrisy)

So YAHAWAHSHAH's qodeshiym or church or called out Assembly could not possibly be built on such a 'human' foundation ... which, unfortunately, is what the Catholic Church has been built on, thus making the Catholic Church a carnal, man centered institution ... not a righteously spiritual institution. It is a demonic institution.

Just read the catholic church doctrines and observe their practices, their fruit, then test them in the light of scripture.


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