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Remember Yom HaShabbat ...

Updated: Mar 25

HaMitzvoth ... the instructions handed to Moshe (Moses) at Mount Sinai, written by the finger of ABBA YAHAWAH TSEVA'OTH on 2 tablets of stone and used throughout time as the unrivaled and undisputed moral standard to identify sin ... to establish good from evil and to point out right from wrong.

HaMitzvoth, also called the TORAH (Law/Teachings), has been known by most, through the centuries, as the Commandments or The 10 commandments to be exact.

These Mitzvoth can be found in Exodus 20 vs 1 - 17 of the scriptures.

Now, from the 8th verse to the 11th verse, the scriptures speak, specifically, on the 4th commandment ... to 'Remember Yom HaShabbat' (the Sabbath day) to keep it set apart or holy ... which, actually, is the focus of this write up, hence the above-mentioned topic:

Yom HaShabbat (The Sabbath day).

What is HaShabbat?

HaShabbat (the Sabbath), from whence the word Sabbatical is derived, is a system that focuses on rest, retreat, relaxation, retirement, replenishment and rejuvenation. It takes place on the 7th day every week or every 7 days. There are numerous benefits that are obtained from taking valuable periods of rest.

In fact just getting a good night's sleep is a perfect example.

HaShabbat is a gift ... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Daily rest is a reward of ABBA YAHAWAH OSAINU (YAHAWAH Our Maker) to replenish us for each days work. Sabbath rest is ... a gift to mankind ... not just to Yashara'el (Israel).

Too many people read HaMitzvoth and say that HaShabbat is for the Hebrews only because it was included in the list of commandments, the 4th Commandment, given to the children of Yashara'el (Israel) by Moshe at Mount Sinai. But this is an error in their understanding.

ABBA YAHAWAH established the Sabbath rest and Yom HaShabbat from the beginning of time, in Genesis 2 vs 2 - 3 after the creation of all things, when ABBA YAHAWAH rested from His work of creation on the 7th day ... which He then sanctified and declared Qadosh (set apart/holy).

The error in people's understanding of who Yom HaShabbat was meant for is clearly reflected in the wording of the 4th commandment as shown here:

'Remember Yom HaShabbat' (the Sabbath day) to keep it Qadosh (set apart or holy) ... Exodus 20 vs 8

So if we are mandated to remember Yom HaShabbat, then it clearly means that it had been instituted prior to the giving of HaMitzvoth (The Commandments) at Mount Sinai and the TORAH (the Law).

Ponder this fact.


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