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Wake up! Slumber no more!! Shema!!!

Updated: Mar 25

Let there be light (יהי אור) ~ ihi or ... Fiat Lux

Deuteronomy 12 vs 30 - 31 ... Never serve YAHAWAH the way the world does

Matthew 15 vs 3 & 9 ... The Traditions of men are NOT YAHAWAH's mitzvot (commandments)

Shabbat Shalom

Isaiah 55 vs 6 ... Seek YAHAWAH

Jeremiah 6 vs 16 ... Seek the old ways

Jeremiah 16 vs 19 ... Lies are inherited

1 Timothy 4 vs 1 – 3 … latter day falling away due to seducing spirits

2 Timothy 4 vs 2 - 4 ... men with itching ears no longer seeking truth

John 8:32 ... And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.

Matthew 6 vs 33 ... Seek YAHAWAH's Kingdom

Matthew 15 vs 9 ... Teaching man's traditions as doctrine

Galatians 1 vs 6 - 9 ... Whosoever teaches something else let them be accursed

1 Timothy 6 vs 3 - 5 ... Withdraw from such teachers

... Like the so called church fathers and the catholic church


2 Timothy 2 vs 23 ... Keep away from foolish arguments

Titus 3 vs 9 ... Avoid foolish controversies


Jude 1 vs 3 ... earnestly contend for the faith

1 Peter 3 vs 15 ... be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you

2 Corinthians 10 vs 5 ... We cast down every argument that is anti YAHAWAH

Share the Truth ... but not in arrogance! Share the Truth in Love ... not from a place of pride!!! Judge but with righteous judgement ... not in hypocrisy.

Shabbat (שבת)/Sabbath = The 7th day of rest ... a day set aside/sanctified by YAHAWAH

... Shabbat is derived from the root words of shin + bet (שב) which means 'return' and from the tav (ת) which refers to the Covenant ... so Shabbat is a call for us to return to YAHAWAH and His Covenant of rest

Genesis 2 vs 1 - 3 ... Sabbath instituted at creation

Leviticus 23 ... The 7 Feasts of YAHAWAH

Deuteronomy 5 vs 22 ... Only 10 Commandments and nothing more

Deuteronomy 12 ... Do not worship GOD in the way of the heathen

Deuteronomy 31 vs 24 - 26 ... Handwriting of requirements/ordinances (Banished) ***

Proverbs 25 vs 2 - 3 ... The Glory of GOD to conceal a thing

Jeremiah 10 vs 1 - 4 & 8 ... pagan rituals and celebrations like the Christmas tree

Jeremiah 16 vs 19 ... Lies are inherited

Ezekiel 20 vs 12 ... Sabbath

Daniel 7 vs 25 ... Deliberately changing God's calendar

Amos 5 vs 21 ... GOD abhors worldly ways

Matthew 5 vs 16 - 18 ... Fulfills the law which is eternal

Matthew 5 vs 19 ... Position in the Kingdom due to what you share about the Gospel

Exodus 20  vs 8 - 11 & 31 vs  14 - 15 ... Sabbath

Exodus 31 vs 16 - 17 ... Sabbath

»»» Isaiah 58 vs 13 - 14 ... Sabbath

Hebrews 4 vs 1 - 11 ... Sabbath

Isaiah 66 vs 22 - 23 ... Sabbath

The Disciples kept the Sabbath 85 times in the Book of Acts***

... this is completely separate from YAHAWAHSHAH & Paul

Romans 6 vs 15 - 19 ... Shall we continue in sin because grace abounds

Colossians 2 ... The law is not abolished at all

»»» Colossians 2 vs 14 - 17 ... Shadow of things to come »»» ( read: 16)

»»» Ephesians 2 vs 14 - 15 ... Ceremonial law is gone (all ordinances)

Galatians 3 vs 19 ... Reason for the law/it's purpose

Hebrews 9 vs 9 - 10 ... food, drink, festivals, new moons (symbolic/shadows)

Hebrews 10 vs 1, 4 ... Shadows

2 Timothy 2 vs 15 ... Study

2 Timothy 3 vs 15 - 17... All scripture is given by inspiration of YAHAWAH

John 16 vs 13 ... The HOLY SPIRIT will guide

*** Ephesians 2 vs 15

1 Thessalonians 5 ... Feast of Trumpets (2nd coming of our Lord)

1 Corinthians 15 vs 33 ... Bad communication corrupts good manners

Matthew 25 vs  1 - 31 ... 10 Virgins/Talents (Natsarim)


... Torah »»» Sabbath, 10 Commandments (Mitzvoth)


... Ceremonial Law »»» food, drink, festivals, new moons & sabbaths ... Sacrifices

Shadows »»» vs »»» Substance:

Sacrificial lamb »vs» Lamb of GOD

7 Golden Menorah »vs» Light of the World

Temple Laver »vs» Living Water

Table of Shew Bread »vs» Bread of Life

Burnt Sacrificial Offerings »vs» Crucifixion at Calvary

Aaronic/Temple High Priest (mortal/fallible) »vs» Heavenly Eternal High Priest (infallible)

Ark of the Covenant »vs» Our Heavenly Mediator/Intercessor

Obey Torah

YAHAWAHSHAH refers to the TORAH/Neviym/Kethuviym (TANAKH) so many times:

But continue in the things which you have learned and have been assured of, knowing of whom you have learned them; And that from a child you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise unto yeshu`ah through belief which is in YAHAWAHSHAH HA'MASHIACH. All Scripture is given by the RUACH YAHAWAH, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of YAH may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.


Wherefore the TORAH is holy, and the Mitsvah Holy, and just, and good.


YAHAWAHSHAH answered them, Is it not written in the Writings: I said, Ye are elohiym?


I have said, Ye are elohiym; and all of you are children of EL ELYON.



5 Solas (Separation from Catholicism):

Sola Gratia ... Grace Alone

Sola Fide ... Faith Alone

Sola Scriptura ... Scripture Alone

Solus Christus ... Christ Alone

Soli Deo Gloria ... Glory of GOD Alone


Exegesis vs Eisegesis:

Exegesis is legitimate interpretation which "reads out of' the text what the original author or authors meant to convey. 

Eisegesis, on the other hand, reads into the text what the interpreter wishes to find or thinks he finds there. It expresses the reader's own subjective ideas, not the meaning which is in the text.

Many practice Eisegesis today, twisting scripture to fit their narrative so much so that the true meanings from scripture are no longer recognizable nor true anymore.



The Catholic church is 100% carnal in every way, shape and form. There is nothing spiritual about the catholic church with regard to its relationship to or association with the Way of YAHAWAH.

The following quote has been misunderstood, misused and abused by the catholic church:

“And I say also unto you, that you are Kepha, and upon this Rock I will rebuild my called out assembly; and the gates of She'ol shall not prevail against it. - MATTHEW16:18 KJV.”

The Church of YAHAWAHSHAH, the Way of YAHAWAH, was not built on Peter but upon the revelation given to Peter in Matthew 16 vs 18

Peter was an Apostle but a deeply flawed human, as we all are:

Matthew 16 vs 23 ... Rebuked

Matthew 17 vs 4 ... Carnal mindset/impulsive

Matthew 26 vs 36 - 46 ... Asleep in Gethsemane (40, 41 & 43)

Matthew 26 vs 70, 72 & 74 ... Denied YAHAWAHSHAH 3x

Mark 8 vs 33 ... Rebuked

Mark 14 vs 68, 70 & 71 ... Denied YAHAWAHSHAH 3x

Luke 5 vs 8 ... Declares himself a sinful man to YAHAWAHSHAH

Luke 22 vs 31 ... Prey of satan

Luke 22 vs 57, 58 & 60 ... Denied YAHAWAHSHAH 3x

John 13 vs 6 ... impulsive

John 18 vs 10 - 11 ... Cuts off ear of high priest's servant (violent)

John 18 vs 17, 25  27 ... Denied YAHAWAHSHAH 3x

John 21 vs 15 - 17 ... Reminded 3x to feed the flock (paraphrased)

Galatians 2 vs 21 ... Rebuked by Paul long after Acts 2

Peter's confession, by revelation from ABBA YAHAWAH through RUACH Ha'Qodesh, is the Rock that is being referenced by MASHIACH … not Peter himself

Matthew 18 vs 1 attests to this as the apostles asked MASHIACH who will be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Which confirms that Matthew 16 vs 18 did not appoint Peter as the head nor as pope over all.

Then according to Matthew 20 vs 25 – 28 these are the verses where MASHIACH gives the answer to the question from His Talmidiym (disciples) in Matthew 18 vs 1

Peter did not see himself as pope or head over all the church either but he identified as a fellow leader. From 1 Peter 5 these are Peter's instructions prior to the papal institution (his Pre-response):

THE elders which are among you I exhort, who am also an elder, and a witness of the sufferings of MASHIACH, and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed: Feed the flock of YAHAWAH which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind; Neither as being lords over YAH'S heritage, but being examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fades not away. Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for YAHAWAH resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble. 

... KEPHA RI'SHON (1 PETER) 5:1-5

Actually in the Acts of the Apostles, it is seen that, James (MASHIACH's brother) was identified as the head over the Disciples (Acts 15 vs 13 & Acts 21 vs 18) not Peter.

Catholic Claims:

Peter ... The Rock (Kepha/Petros) vs The Rock (???/Petra)

Matthew 16 vs 17 - 18 ---> Reference to '... you are Peter ... upon this Rock I will build ...'

1 Peter 2 vs 4 - 8 ---> '... Christ alone is the Rock upon which we build the Church ...'

Also these verses below show that none of the Apostles ever interpreted Christ's Words from Matthew 16 vs 18 to mean the the Church would be built on Apostle Peter/Kepha:

Matthew 9 vs 33

Matthew 20 vs 20

Luke 22 vs 24 - 26

If the pope is really a successor of Apostle Peter and is truly following the example of Peter the Apostle, why does he not do what Apostle Peter had done in his lifetime.

Let's take marriage for instance:

---> 1 Corinthians 9 vs 5 & Matthew 8 vs 14

The term 'pope' only became known/started being used in the 11th century (around 300 years after Christ approximately). Both pope and papal primacy are none biblical. Pope which is derived from papa in Latin or Pappas in Greek means father. The Catholic Church says the word pope is similar to bishop which actually means overseer, a term used by Apostle Paul.

Now bishop and pope are 2 totally different words. They have totally different meanings too. The bishop concept of overseer is closer to the role of a shepherd who guards and guide the flock. The pope concept of father assumes a role that replaces YAHAWAH our Heavenly Father and claims undue authority (vicarius filii dei) for its self.

But YAHAWAHSHAH tells us in Matthew 23 vs 9 to call no man 'father' on earth ...

So ... Why did the Catholic church pick out Apostle Peter as the successor instead of James, the elder brother of YAHAWAHSHAH, who was actually considered to be the one in charge or the head of the Church and the #1 elder.

---> Acts 12 vs 17

---> Acts 15 vs 13

---> Acts 21 vs 18

---> Galatians 2 vs 9

It is either because of their lack of comprehension then misinterpretation or due to their intentional misrepresentation of Matthew 16 vs 18

In Matthew 16 vs 17 - 18 ... YAHAWAHSHAH's proclamation there was that He would build His Church and His House of Tefillah (Worship) upon the Apostle Peter's revelation and declaration of Truth that was led by RUACH HA'QODESH ... not on Apostle Peter.

It is very very very important to note that the revelation and declaration of Truth led by RUACH HA'QODESH through Apostle Peter was that YAHAWAHSHAH is HA'MASHIACH, Son of the living ELOHIYM and this most profound Truth is the actual Rock, the true Bedrock, the solid foundation upon which the Church of Christ will be built.

This Rock is spiritual not physical or Carnal and hence could never have been built upon Apostle Peter or any of the Apostles but upon Christ alone ... the cornerstone that was and is still rejected.

---> Ephesians 2 vs 20

Truth about Christ's foundation: 1 Corinthians 3 vs 9 - 11

Between 55 - 64 AD, the Apostles continue to preach and write that Christ alone is the only foundation for the Christian congregation.

During this time all suggestions (by Stephen of Rome) that the bishops of Rome were successors of Peter was rejected by the other bishops.

By 296 - 304 AD, the term 'pope' started being used. This shows that contrary to Catholic claims there is no 'unbroken' link or succession from the pope back to Christ. There is no link at all!!

In 1075 AD, Pope Gregory VII declares the title of Pope to be exclusive to the bishop of Rome.

In 1870 AD, the 1st Vatican council decrees that the Roman pontiff is the successor of Blessed Peter, Prince of the Apostles and is the true vicar of Christ and the head of the whole church.


Fiscus Judaicus = Jewish Tax ... This was imposed immediately after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD by roman emperor Vespasian against anyone who was Jewish or followed Judaism. It was meant to discourage Sabbath observance. The tax was paid to the temple of jupiter.

The 18th benediction caused further separation between Jews and Christians in 95 AD

Edict of Milan 313 AD ... Rome begins to treat Christians favorably by Constantine

Catholic Councils:

Council of Nicea ... 321 - 325 AD

Council of Laodecia ... 360 - 364 AD (canon 29)

Council of Trent ... 1545 - 1563 AD

Westminster Confession: 17th century

... Chapter 21 section 7

Canon IX from Council of Trent ... This declaration states that anyone who believes in Justification by faith alone will be pronounced to be anathema.

... Look at psalm 62 and 140

Anti-Christ: not found in Revelations but 1 Thessalonians & 1 John

Roman Catholic false doctrines ...

  • 7 Sacraments are a lie

  • Purgatory is a lie

  • Indulgences are a lie

  • Salvation through Mary is a lie

  • Accessing MASHIACH through Mary by praying to or through her is a lie

  • Praying to dead saints for assistance and intercession is a lie

  • MASHIACH's Sacrifice was insufficient is a lie

  • Kepha (Peter) is the rock is a lie

  • Kepha (Peter) was the 1st Pope is a lie

  • Catholic Church was the 1st church is a lie

If these statements or beliefs are truth ... Where are they in the Bible?

About the Sabbath:

H. J. Holtzman, Kanon und Tradition, 1859 Edition, p. 263

Publication of cardinal Gibbons and the papacy in the US, published in Baltimore, Maryland, September 1893

Daniel 7 vs 25: Change of times and laws ...

1st reference to the title of Christian:

Acts 11 vs 26: Christians were 1st called Christians in Antioch ... among Gentiles around 64 BC. This was where the 1st 'Gentile' Christian identity was referenced

Anti-Natsarim actions of the early Christians:

Ignatius of Antioch declared Torah abolished and Natsarim not of YAHAWAH but called Christianity the only true religion. He totally usurped the office of the bishop, exalting the office, he pushed to replace the Sabbath with Sunday

VICARIUS FILII DEI ... In place of the son of god (the Roman Catholic position on who the Bishop of Rome ... The Pope is on earth)


Side bar: MASHIACH's recorded references and interactions with his mother, Mary ...

Luke 2 vs 48 – 49

Matthew 12 vs 46 - 50

John 19 vs 25 - 27

Mark 3 vs 31-35

Luke 8:19-21

Mary is not a mediator, not the queen of Heaven and not the mother of GOD … just his earthly mother


Roman Catholic church is the Beast. It has acted as Balaam***

Claim authority to change Sabbath day:

Rev. Stephen Keenan ... Doctrinal Catechism, p 174 » refer

Henry Tuberville ... Christian Doctrine (1833 approbation), p 58 » refer

Daniel Ferris ... Christian Doctrine Manual (1916 ed.), p 67 » refer

Catechism of the Catholic church ... Reference 2184 & 1163 » refer

Constantine ... Sunday as sabbath for invictus (Council of Nicea in March, 321) » refer

-> Also: Britannica Encyclopedia of World Religions, 2006 ... p 262 » refer 'Constantine'

Sabbath not Sunday:

Rev. Sir Isaac Williams ... Sermon on Catechism, p 334

Dr. Edward T. Hiscox ... New York Examiner, Nov. 16, 1893

Bishop William J. Seymour (African American holiness preacher ... Why we keep Sunday

Baptist Faith & Message 2000, Article, VIII

Baptist Church Manual, chpt 3, Doctrines of a church, Article XV ... Of the Christian Sabbath

American Presbyterian Board of Publication, Tract # 175

Harold Lindsell: Fuller Theological Seminary 1976 book 'Battle for the Bible' ... Christianity Today, Nov. 5th, 1976

James Cardinal Gibbons (1834 - 1921), The Faith of our Father's, 88th Ed., pp. 89

James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore ... A signed letter between 1877 - 1921

John Laux ... A course in Religion for Catholic High Schools & Academies, Vol 1, p 51 (1936)

Peter Geiermann, C. S. S. R. ... The Converts Catechism of Catholic Doctrine, p 50 (1957)


Assemblies of GOD: Enrichment > Spring 2013 > Since you work on Sunday, when is your Sabbath

If Sunday is the Sabbath then how can Resurrection Sunday (which is the 1st day of the resurrection) be the Sabbath

The following are used to support Sunday as Sabbath ... a futile effort:

*Acts 20 vs 6 - 7 ... Breaking of bread on 1st day of the week reference is used as the evidence for Sunday being the new Sabbath. Even though the Feast of Unleaven Bread is mentioned prior. See Leviticus 23 vs 4 - 6 & 15 - 16

*Acts 20 vs 7 ... Mia ton Sabbaton means 'one of the Sabbaths' not 1st day of the week

---> Acts 2 vs 46 ... Breaking bread was a daily event » weak support

Acts 13 vs 42 - 44 ... Sabbath

Acts 17 vs 2 ... Sabbath

Acts 18 vs 4, 11 ...Sabbath

*1 Corinthians 16 vs 1 - 2 ... No collection on Sabbath not Sunday service collection

*John 20 vs 19 ... Resurrection day (1st day of the week evening)

Matthew 24 vs 20 ... Sabbath

Luke 23 vs 56 ... Sabbath

*Revelation 1 vs 10 ...

Isaiah 58 vs 13 ... YAHAWAH's Day


John 14 vs 15 ... If you love me, obey my Commandments

Isaiah 66 vs 22 - 23 ... Sabbaths


Banishing the lies

YAHAWAHSHAH did not die on 'good Friday' but on Pesach/Passover which was on a Wednesday ... before sundown. He was also buried before sundown on that very same day ... before the commencement of 'the preparation' for the Passover.

Remembering the the true pattern for night and day is meant to be as follows:

Genesis 1 vs 5, 8, 13, 19, 23 & 31 confirmed this ... The evening and the morning is a day

Resurrection (Opinioned presentation):

By the Jewish calendar, evening starts a new day not 12 midnight, as popularly believed, so the new day starts after sundown which is approximately around 6 pm


Wednesday - Thursday meaning

... Wed night to Thu day = 1 night

Thursday - Friday meaning

... Thu day to Thu night = 1 day;

... Thu night to Fri day = 1 night

Friday - Saturday meaning

... Fri day to Fri night = 1 day;

... Fri night to Sat day = 1 night;


... Sat day to Sat night = 1 day

This equals 3 nights and 3 days

YAHAWAHSHAH HA'MASHIACH was crucified and buried, before Pesach (Passover), on Wednesday which was a High Sabbath day. Then after sundown on Saturday, after the 7th day Shabbat/Sabbath was over, YAHAWAHSHAH HA'MASHIACH rose from the grave in Glory ... which, according to the count illustrated above, completes 3 full nights and 3 full days.

In other words ... Good Friday is a lie!!! Resurrection Sunday is also a lie!!!

Matthew 27 vs 62 - 65 is one of many scriptures that confirmed this truth (to those who understand the statutes put forth by the TORAH and those who truly obey TORAH and observe the true Sabbath)

*** ... Lent - The Truth

The true fast ... Isaiah 58; James 4;

The Catholic church was anti-Natsarim

The Tares ... Matthew 13


Christian references in the Bible:

Acts 11 vs 26

Acts 26 vs 28

1 Peter 4 vs 16

Only 3 times in the Brit Chadashah/New Testament (NT)

One of the early Catholic Church practice was to allow pagans to bring their pagan gods & goddesses into the church. The catholic church would then take their idols, figurines or statues as well as the names of these gods/goddesses and the church would 'sanctify' them since catholicism is based on mystery Babylonian religion that was already OK with the concept of having a pantheon of gods

Which contradicts the scriptures:

And ye shall overthrow את eth-their altars, and break את eth-their pillars, and burn their Asherah poles with fire; and ye shall hew down graven images of their elohiym, and destroy את eth-names of them out of that place. Ye shall not do so unto YAHAWAH ELOHAYKEM. 



Roman Catholicism is a false, man-made, Christian religion that is burdened with numerous pagan beliefs, pagan traditions and anti-Christ intended agendas that is propped up to lead men astray and away from MASHIACH and the Truth.


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